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Maamaravello Kogile Ello - Hit Kannada Film Songs Collections

  • Raaga Anuraaga
    Movie : Sanadi Appanna
  • Aragili Innu Ee Mouna
    Movie : Halli Haida
  • Kaalavannu Thadeyoru
    Movie : Kittu Puttu
  • Aakashadhalli
    Movie : Kaveri
  • O Gelathi
    Movie : Makkala Bhagya
  • Belli Modave
    Movie : Vasantha Lakshmi
  • Ee Roopave
    Movie : Seetha Ramu

  • Bangaradha Bombeye
    Movie : Auto Raja
  • Ondhu Dhina Ellindalo
    Movie : Hasiru Thorana
  • Suy Anno
    Movie : Bangaarada Panjara
  • Vasantha Baredhanu
    Movie : Besuge
  • Nanjana Goodindha
    Movie : Nanda Gokula
  • Kanasidho Nanasidho
    Movie : Nakkare Ade Swarga
  • Aaha Mysooru Mallige
    Movie : Bangaarada Manushya
  • Sarasakkaagali
    Movie : Vijayavardhana

  • Ninagagi Yella
    Movie : Guru Shishyaru
  • Naachi Oodidanu Madana
    Movie : Guru Shishyaru
  • Sweety Nanna
    Movie : Bharjari Bete
  • Thavarehoo Kereyalli
    Movie : Chinnada Gombe
  • Balliyange
    Movie : Chandavalliya Thota
  • Akashadinda
    Movie : Kaaveri
  • Beladhingalaagi Bandhe
    Movie : Gandondu Hennaru
  • Aakaashadha Lokadhi
    Movie : Bettada Huli
  • Indhenu Hunnimeyo
    Movie : Post Master

  • Ninna Kanna
    Movie : Swayamvara
  • Idhe Idhe Savibaala
    Movie : Nava Jeevana
  • Kannu Kannu
    Movie : Devara Gudi
  • Maathondha
    Movie : Sahodarara Savaal
  • Ee Binka Bidu Bidu
    Movie : Chandanada Gombe
  • Alli Illi Noduve
    Movie : Operation Diamond Racket
  • Notakke Nota
    Movie : Beluvada Madilalli
  • Come & Meet Me
    Movie : Bangaarada Panjara

  • Manasu Manasu
    Movie : Preethi Maadu Thamashe Nodu
  • Ninna Kanda Nanna Kannu
    Movie : Preethi Maadu Thamashe Nodu
  • Manadhi Munidhe
    Movie : Jeevana Tharanga
  • Neerinalli Aleya
    Movie : Bedi Bandavalu

  • Nannalli Neenaagi
    Movie : Namma Karthavya
  • Chandhira Bhoomige
    Movie : Lakshmi Saraswathi
  • Gangi Ninmel Nange
    Movie : Mr. Rajkumar
  • Beladhingalina
    Movie : Naa Mechchida Hudugi
  • Yeke Noduve Haage
    Movie : Sahodarara Savaal


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